2011-12 Academic Team Schedule and Results

Our tentative schedule and all results will be posted to this page.


It will be an exciting and very competitive year.  We have many returning players that not only attended camp, but helped create and staff our first every Olmsted Falls Academic Camp!  Thanks Sohan Vartak and Marty Mendenhall!


A special thanks to our previous team members that made camp possible with their hard work and dedication to the Academic Team: Jim Coury, Mike Coury, Emily Nageotte, Chris Traylor, and Natalie Brdar.

We start off the year hosting the NE FKT Tournament

The results of the FKT at Olmsted Falls High School can be found here http://hsquizbowl.org/db/tournaments/33/

Corey Salem @ Copley October 15, 2011 - B & C Teams

NAQT @ Morgantown, WV University School - A Team

Results of the University High School NAQT Tournament can be found here http://hsquizbowl.org/db/tournaments/104/

NAQT @ South Range October 22, 2011 B Team thru JV

Results from the Soutn Range Tournament can be found here http://hsquizbowl.org/db/tournaments/114/

MAGNI @ OSU - College Tournament - A Team

Results from the MAGNI Tournament can be found here http://hsquizbowl.org/db/tournaments/110/

OAC @ Aurora October 29, 2011

A Team went 7-0 on the day to win their bracket and to qualify for OAC Regionals.

BGSU - Brave Falcon November 12, 2011 A, B, C Teams

Results from Brave Falcon can be found here http://naqt.com/stats/tournament-teams.jsp?tournament_id=4010


NEOAL @ Garfield Heights November 16, 2011

Results from the Fall NEOAL:
The first four rounds were played at GHHS on November 15:
Rd. 1
Bay 36 - Twinsburg 38
Columbia 29 - GHHS 34
Highland 34 - Olmsted Falls 53
Fairview 33 - Lutheran West 39

Rd. 2
Bay 51 - Columbia 23
Twinsburg 52 - GHHS 26
Highland 31 - Fairview 36
Olmsted Falls 63 - Lutheran West 31

Rd. 3
Bay 41 - GHHS 24
Twinsburg 47 - Columbia 27
Highland 37 - Lutheran West 32
Olmsted Falls 68 - Fairview 25

Rd. 4
Bay 39 - Highland 32
Twinsburg 38 - Olmsted Falls 55
Columbia 21 - Fairview 37
GHHS 34 - Lutheran West 31

History Bowl @ Boardman November 19, 2011

Results from the History Bowl can be found here http://www.historybowl.com/regionalsite/ohio-southern-region/

Results from the History Bee can be found here http://www.historybee.com/regionalsite/ohio-southern-region/

Rowdy Raider NAQT @ WSU December 3, 2011

Results from Rowdy Raider can be found here http://hsquizbowl.org/db/tournaments/45/


NEOAL @ Olmsted Falls December 6, 2011

The last three rounds were played at Olmsted Falls on December 6:
Rd. 5
Bay 37 - Olmsted Falls 54
Twinsburg 45 - Fairview 30
Columbia 24 - Lutheran West 38
GHHS 32 - Highland 39

Rd. 6
Bay 39 - Fairview 35
Twinsburg 41 - Lutheran West 34
Columbia 31 - Highland 39
GHHS 23 - Olmsted Falls 58

Rd. 7
Bay 33 - Lutheran West 37
Twinsburg 44 - Highland 33
Columbia 18 - Olmsted Falls 57
GHHS 31 - Fairview 25

Overall standings:

Olmsted Falls 7-0
Twinsburg 6-1
Bay 4-3
GHHS 3-4
Highland 3-4
Lutheran West 3-4
Fairview 2-5
Columbia 0-7

Winter NEOAL will be played at BWC on February 8, 2012.

SWC Tournament January 21, 2012 @ Avon Lake High School

The SWC Tournament was won by Olmsted Falls.  We were awarded the traveling trophy for this year.  Olmsted Falls went 7-0 on the day.

SWC dual matches begin on Tuesday's in January and February

Due to my being out with an illness, I don't have all the dual match scores from this year.  I can tell you that we went 7-0 in dual match play in the SWC!

January 24 @ BBH

January 31 @ Berea

February 7 @ Westlake

February 14 @ OFHS vs. Amherst

February 21 @ OFHS vs. Midpark

February 28 @ OFHS vs North Olmsted

March 6 @ Avon Lake

Northmont Mirror (OAC) @ Warren G Harding January 14, 2012

Brain Game @ COSI - A Team

You can watch our episode of the Brain Game here: http://www.onntv.com/content/sections/video/index.html?video=/videos/2012/05/03/brain-game-episode-529.xml

We won our match and placed 3rd on the year, bringing $3,000 back to Olmsted Falls!

Olmsted Falls Battle Buzz @ Olmsted Falls February 11, 2012

The Olmsted Falls Battle Buzz was won by Olmsted Falls A Team.


Hawken placed second.  For this tournament, all the national qualifying teams were placed in one bracket and the other teams were distributed equally among the other three brackets.  The championship brackets consisted of the national qualifying teams and the top two teams from each other brackets.

After being dumped on with the snow for two consecutive years...I think we will rename this the "Snow Bowl"!

NEOAL Spring @ BWC February 8, 2012

Again, due to my being out at this time, I don't have the individual match scores, but Olmsted Falls went 7-0 on the day and captured the Spring NEOAL.  This was without the A Team.

NAQT @ Solon February 18, 2012

Olmsted Falls went 10-0 on the day besting Warren G. Harding in the finals to take the Solon NAQT Title.  


PACE @ Solon February 19, 2012 - Also, Middle School NAQT Tournament

Olmsted Falls went 9-2 on the day to best the field at the Solon National PACE Qualifier Tournament.  


Copley Invitational @ Copley February 25, 2012

Olmsted Falls went 8-1 on the day to finish second in the Blue and Gold Division.

OSU March 3, 2012

Olmsted Falls A went 10-0 on the day to best the field.


NAQT States

Olmsted Falls finished 3rd overall in the NAQT State Tournament.


OAC Regionals

Olmsted Falls finished 1st in the North Coast Region.  Hawken finished 2nd.  We will represent our region at the OAC State Tournament on May 5.

OAC States @ Columbus State

Olmsted Falls is the OAC State Champion for 2012!

HSNCT Memorial Day Weekend

PACE Nationals June 8, 9, 2012 St. Louis