2010-11 Schedule of Events and Results

FKT (Fall Kickoff Tournament) October 2, 2010 @ OFHS

Results for this tournament can be viewed here.

Top six teams from this tournament qualified for the PACE National Tournament in Chicago.  Olmsted Falls, Copley, & Solon qualified for OAC Regionals.

The order of finish for the top four was:

Olmsted Falls A (1)

Copley A (2)

Solon A (3)

St. Ignatius (3)

Copley Corey Salem Tournament October 9, 2010

Olmsted Falls A finished first in their bracket and qualiied for the OAC Regionals

Olmsted Falls B finished second in their bracket

Olmsted Falls C finished second in ther bracket


Aurora OAC Early Bird Tournament October 30, 2010

Olmsted Falls A finished first in their bracket and qualifying again for OAC Regionals

Olmsted Falls B finished third in their bracket

Tipp City NAQT Tournament November 6, 2010

Results for this tournament can be viewed here.

Olmsted Falls A finished first in their bracket and third overall, qualifying again for the OAC Regional and HSNCT.

Olmsted Falls B finished third in their bracket.

Olmsted Falls JV (B) won the JV tournament over Olmsted Falls JV (A)!

Parkersburg Catholic (WV) NAQT Invitational November13, 2010

Olmsted Falls A won the 34 team tournament qualifying for HSNCT.

Olmsted Falls B finished 7th and qualified for HSNCT.

Way to go team!


Due to a "snow out" of the second half of the league, the fall section of the league will be completed on January 26, 2011.

The results are in, well almost.  There was a missing scoresheet from the snow out day.  It was the match between Highland and Lutheran West.  So, these are the results of everything except that match.

Olmsted Falls    7-0

Twinsburg        6-1

Bay                 5-2

Highland           3-3

Lutheran West  3-3

Columbia          1-6

Fairview           1-6

Garfield Heights 1-6


Olmsted Falls wins the Fall NEOAL League.

Rowdy Raider NAQT Qualifier December 4, 2010

Olmsted Falls A took second place overall at Rowdy Raider!  This qualifies our A-Team again for HSNCT.

Results for this tournament can be found here

Knowledge Master Open December 8, 2010 (KMO)

Olmsted Falls Academic Team competed in the Knowledge Master Open online competition.  Results from this competition can be seen here.

We finished second in the State of Ohio and 41st over all (out of 627 teams from around the world!)

TRASH Tournament at CWRU December 11, 2010

Olmsted Falls A-Team finished second overall.  Results can be seen here.

OSU HSAPQ Tournament January 8, 2011

Olmsted Falls competed in the OSU HSAPQ Tournament on January 8, 2011.  For this tournament, the A-Team was split and combined with the B-Team.  This was an effort to get the B-Team more experience playing with A-Team speed players.  The results were not bad.  The A-Team finished 5th and the B-Team finished 6th overall in a very tough field.  The results can be found here.

Warren Harding OAC Tournament (Northmont mirror) January 15, 2011

This was a very good day for Olmsted Falls Quiz Bowl!  A-Team went 8-1, B-Team went 9-0, C-Team went 9-0, and D-Team went 8-1!

Academic Challenge TV 5 Taping January 16, 2011, airing March 12, 2011

Our episode of Academic Challenge on TV 5 went very well!  Let's just say you don't want to miss this RECORD SETTING PERFORMANCE!


It's official because the show was broadcast on March 12... Olmsted Falls posted the highest score in the history of Academic Challenge 840 points!


As of today, we are still at the top of the leaderboard and have been notified by TV 5 to keep May 8th open for the finals taping.  There is still one taping date that needs to be completed, but they have notified us to be ready for the finals.

Brain Game ONN Taping January 29, 2011, airing date April 7, 2011

Another record setting performance by your Bulldog Academic Team!  Don't miss this episode that shows the Bulldogs putting up a score that tops the leaderboard for the season!


OK, it hasn't aired yet, so I'm letting the cat out of the bag... Olmsted Falls ended up at the top of the leaderboard for the entire season of the Brain Game.  We will tape the finals verses Copley High School on April 10, 2011.  What does that mean?  It means that we will bring back a minimum of $4,000 or a maximum of $6,000 in school grant money to the school.

Olmsted Falls Battle Buzz NAQT Qualifier February 5, 2011

Results from our tournament can be found here .  It was a wild day of quiz bowl.  Many thanks to the many volunteers that helped make this tournament possible.  Our A Team ended up in a tie for first after the playoff rounds.  After tie breakers, we ended up third.  B-team ended up tenth.  Look at the results page for some impressive stats put up by our teams!

NEOAL Winter League

Olmsted Falls 7-0
Twinsburg 6-1
Bay 4-3
Highland 4-3
Garfield Heights 3-4
Lutheran West 3-4
Fairview 1-6
Columbia 0-7

There wasn't a playoff for the overall championship because they didn't want to playoff Olmsted Falls vs. Olmsted Falls.
Per league rules, I was to sit my top two scorers from the fall. I sat my entire A-Team. Today's results were by the B, C, & D Teams combined.

Sohan Vartak from Olmsted Falls won the "Top Gun" Tournament. Every school can enter two players, I entered Sohan and Marty (Jim won last year and Mike won the year before).

Then, we went to Friendly's and celebrated with ice cream :)

History Challenge @ OSU February 12, 2011

The Academic Team traveled to OSU on February 12 for the History Bowl and Bee.  The History Bowl is played with teams, the History Bee is an individual competition.  The A Team finished 2nd in the History Bowl.  In the History Bee, 10 students made the quarter finals.  We had 5 students make the  quarter finals:  Jim Coury, Mike Coury, Sohan Vartak, Marty Mendenhall, Nathan Seese.  We had 3 students make the semi-fianls: Jim Coury, Mike Coury, Nathan Seese.  We had one student make the finals:  Jim Coury.  Jim finished second to Brandon Williams from Northmont.

Solon NAQT Qualifier February 19, 2011

The A-Team won the Solon NAQT Qualifier for 2011 going 10-0 on the day.  Results can be found here.  Impressive!

Solon PACE Qualifier February 20, 2011

Copley Invitational OAC February 27, 2011

The A-Team won the Blue bracket and played off against Hudson (the winner of the Gold bracket).  A-Team won the playoff!  The Blue and Gold brackets at Copley are comprised of all teams that have qualified for Regionals.

The B-Team won the Beige bracket.


Scholastic Games of Lorain County

The Academic Team competed for the first time in the Scholastic Games of Lorain County on February 27.  We squared off against Amherst.  Our match will be aired on WEOL Radio 930 AM on March 22 at 6:05 PM.  You won't want to miss this one!  Once the match has been telecast, a link will appear hear so that you can hear the podcast.


The Academic Team was awarded a $500 scholarship to Oberlin College at this appearance.  This scholarship will be awarded by Olmsted Falls High School to a deserving senior.


Olmsted Falls 670-Amherst 100.


On to the quarter-finals to be taped on March 20.


The podcast can be obtained here.

SWC League (January & February 2011)

January 18
Westlake 68 - Berea 61
Olmsted Falls 91 - Brecksville-Broadview Heights 44
Avon Lake 51 - North Olmsted 64
Amherst 50 - Midpark 66

January 25
Midpark 64 - Avon Lake 62
Amherst 57 - North Olmsted 66
Olmsted Falls 91 - Berea 52
Westlake 57 - Brecksville-Broadview Heights 71

February 1
Berea 61 - Amherst 54
Brecksville-Broadview Heights 58 - Avon Lake 51
Midpark 56 - North Olmsted 66
Olmsted Falls 84 - Westlake 58

February 8
North Olmsted 66 - Berea 48
Avon Lake 42 - Westlake 72
Brecksville-Broadview Heights 55 - Midpark 61
Amherst 43 - Olmsted Falls 86

February 15
North Olmsted 52 - Westlake 60
Berea 31 - Avon Lake 68
Midpark 44 - Olmsted Falls 83
Amherst 52 - Brecksville-Broadview Heights 58

February 22
Berea 66 - Brecksville-Broadview Heights 46
Midpark 54 - Westlake 69
Avon Lake 54 - Amherst 56
North Olmsted 47 - Olmsted Falls 71

March 1
Westlake 62 - Amherst 50
Brecksville-Broadview Heights 53 - North Olmsted 63
Berea 59 - Midpark 69
Olmsted Falls 96 - Avon Lake 48

Olmsted Falls 7-0
North Olmsted 5-2
Westlake 5-2
Midpark 4-3
Brecksville-Broadview Heights 3-4
Berea 2-5
Amherst 1-6
Avon Lake 1-6

Our league uses the old 3/2/1 scoring for the category rounds.

SWC Tournament March 5, 2011

SWC Tournament held at Amherst HS on 3/5/11
Our league tournament uses the old 3/2/1 scoring for the category rounds, 10 questions in the alphabet round, and 10 lightning round questions.

Round 1
Westlake 40 - Berea 39
Olmsted Falls 58 - Brecksville-Broadview Heights 44
Avon Lake 53 - North Olmsted 29
Amherst 36 - Midpark 56

Round 2
Midpark 41 - Avon Lake 42
Amherst 36 - North Olmsted 33
Olmsted Falls 58 - Berea 38
Westlake 43 - Brecksville-Broadview Heights 41

Round 3
Berea 45 - Amherst 34
Brecksville-Broadview Heights 47 - Avon Lake 40
Midpark 47 - North Olmsted 34
Olmsted Falls 56 - Westlake 41

Round 4
North Olmsted 41 - Berea 42
Avon Lake 35 - Westlake 47
Brecksville-Broadview Heights 49 - Midpark 36
Amherst 32 - Olmsted Falls 59

Round 5
North Olmsted 27 - Westlake 47
Berea 37 - Avon Lake 27
Midpark 29 - Olmsted Falls 65
Amherst 23 - Brecksville-Broadview Heights 37

Round 6
Berea 35 - Brecksville-Broadview Heights 34
Midpark 21 - Westlake 52
Avon Lake 35 - Amherst 37
North Olmsted 28 - Olmsted Falls 63

Round 7
Westlake 41 - Amherst 30
Brecksville-Broadview Heights 37 - North Olmsted 34
Berea 27 - Midpark 33
Olmsted Falls 56 - Avon Lake 24

Olmsted Falls 7-0
Westlake 6-1
Brecksville-Broadview Heights 4-3
Berea 4-3
Midpark 3-4
Amherst 2-5
Avon Lake 2-5
North Olmsted 0-7

Olmsted Falls was awarded the Conference traveling trophy for this year.

Scholastic Games of Lorain County Quarter finals

On March 20, we will tape the Quarter Finals of the Scholastic Games.


Olmsted Falls 650- Midview 280.  This episode will be broadcast on April 18 at 6:05 on WEOL AM 930.


At this appearance, Olmsted Falls was awarded two $500 scholarships.  One to Baldwin Wallace College and the other to Ohio Wesleyan University.  These scholarships will be awarded by Olmsted Falls High School to two deserving seniors.


On to the semi-finals to be taped on May 1.

Great Lakes Regional Academic Challenge @ CWRU March 26, 2011

NAQT State Tournament @ OSU April 2, 2011

The results of NAQT States can be found here.

Our A-Team consisting of:  Jim Coury, Mike Coury, Sohan Vartak, and Marty Mendenhall are NAQT Ohio State Champions! 

ONN Brain Game Finals

On April 10, we will travel to COSI to WOSU Studios and tape the finals of the Brain Game for ONN.  Our opponent is Copley High School.  We tape at 2:00.


I can't post exactly what happened at the taping until the program airs, but...I will tell you that it is good news!!!

Knowledge Master Open Spring 2011

The Academic Team participated in the Knowledge Master Open on April 20.  Knowledge Master Open is an online competition that teams participate in as a whole.  They have no more than 60 seconds to come to a concensus answer with bonus points being awarded for answering early with the correct answer.  Our team finished 1st in the State of Ohio and 24th overall (internationally out of 569 teams participating).

Results can be viewed here.

Scholastic Games of Lorain County

Semi-finals of the Scholastic Games of Lorain County will be taped on May 1.  Our opponent is yet to be determined.

OAC Regional Tournament April 30, 2011

OAC State Tournament May 7, 2011

Academic Challenge TV 5 Finals

The finals of Academic Challenge on TV 5 will be taped on Sunday, May 8 at 9:15 am.  All are welcome to come and be in the audience for this event!

HSNCT (National Tournament) Atlanta, GA Memorial Day Weekend

PACE (National Tournament) Chicago, IL, June 4 & 5